1349, Tombs, Full of Hell & Pestifere


Last night, in case you hadn’t heard, I was amazing. I just didn’t realize how amazing until I woke up this morning. I was curled up on my dog’s bed in the middle of our living room floor (my dog sleeping next to me on a blanket)…and I was still drunk. Amazing. I’d love to tell you how amazing the show was last night, that I was able to see local openers Pestifere and how Full of Hell tore my face from my skull. Tombs & 1349 followed suit, pummeling my soul until I conceded to watching the Full House reboot (in a single sitting). I can’t tell you any of that though. Following a series of events which included a bike trek, happy hour and Uber, I strolled into the Triple Rock, and shortly thereafter became “that guy”. The douchebag too drunk to be at a show, desperate to be best friends with anyone and everyone.

full of hell

Upon entering, I grabbed a beer and headed for the stage. Full of Hell was in the process of setting up. I got close, and based on the above photo, I was struggling with the concept of spacial bubbles. In my mind, their set lasted about 3 minutes of abrasively, destructive grindcore. I now realize, in trying to be humorous about effectively communicating my lack of sobriety, the concept of an opening grindcore band having a 3 minute set isn’t really all that absurd.


I held my position for Tombs, still showing no regard for spacial bubbles (again, see above). I’ve been waiting to see Tombs for roughly 5 years…5 long years. From the moment I heard Path of Totality, I became completely entranced with their sound (along with post metal as a whole). Aside from opening with “Thanatos” (I think), a fist pump with Mike Hill and a handshake with Ben Brand, everything else was a blur, to which I’m still shaking my head in self-disgust. When Firehouse is in town, playing at one of those bars situated within a strip mall, that’s the show you get hammered at, not Tombs.

After their set, I thought it might be wise to head out (my most logical thought of the evening), but as I was navigating to the door, I ran into a co-worker and his wife. After striking up conversation, I decided to stay. Lucky them.


Fortunately, I had seen 1349 previously. The first was in 2010, they were on a bill between Skeletonwitch and Cannibal Corpse at Station 4. Yeah, I know. The second was later that year at the Wacken Open Air festival. Again, I know. It was a small consolation that didn’t necessarily make things better, but rather suck a little less. 1349 always puts on a brutal set and from what I could tell, tonight was no exception. Being at such an intimate venue only amplified that brutality (not that I would know). Something I’ve always respected about 1349 is their accessibility. They still spend a considerable amount of time on this side of the pond and more specifically, Minneapolis-St. Paul, making me feel fortunate to live here. This is me getting all deep and sentimental.

Overall, I think the damage was minimal. My co-worker and his wife got a round of drinks out of the deal, on me of course. At the bar, I ran into 2 of the guys from LynLake Brewing whom I recognized, but didn’t actually know. I bought their beers as I babbled. At some point, again at the bar, I was standing near Todd Haug from Surly. Not actually having met him either, I started babbling on about Powermad and who knows what else. [Sorry Todd, I’ll file the restraining order against myself. LOVE Powermad (and Surly for that matter)!!]

At some point, I vanished. I vaguely recall an Uber ride to my bike and somehow peddling home. I’m confident there were at least 3 solid wipe outs, would have been amazing to watch. At least I made it home. I’m not exactly sure where things went fully awry this night, I didn’t really drink much more than I normally would. Regardless, let’s keep Mr. Hyde in the other dimension.

Obviously, the amazingness continued into the next day. It was probably around lunch when the out-of-body experience I was feeling began to subside. I could actually make full sentences without effort. At that point I needed to go home and crash, but my day was just getting started. My daughter had dance after school, and my son and I were her dates. It would take some effort to stay awake on those cozy chairs at the dance studio, but in the end, there’s nothing more metal that an evening with my little ones \m/.

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